What is the warranty on my PowaKaddy product?

Your new PowaKaddy electric cart comes with a 2 year warranty (3 year on FW7s and C2i), and a full 5 year warranty on the lithium battery!  Find out more about our Warranty Terms.  Should you be unfortunate and have a problem while your cart, battery or charger are in warranty, Caerus Brands or its Service Agent will need to see your proof of purchase.

What is the best way to keep my cart clean?

Wipe your cart down after each outing to ensure it runs smoothly and keeps its good looks.  You can use a damp cloth, mild detergent and warm water.  Main wheels are easily removed and so can be washed separately.  Never jet wash, steam-clean or use a compressed air hose on your cart.  While your machine is more than capable of coping with the elements, cleaning in these ways can force water into the electronics and the gearbox of the cart.  This will invalidate the warranty.

Is there any other maintenance I can do?

Yes, it is best to check nuts bolts and screws from time to time to make sure they are all secure.  All of these are set during manufacture using a torque setting but vibration over a period of time might loosen them.  So the best guide is hand tight. Also check (visually) wiring and wiring connections.  Any sign of damage to cabling or connections could lead to a serious fault with your cart.  Should you notice damage, contact our head office for assistance.

My cart doesn't run straight?

 The PowaKaddy steers straight and true, as any electric cart should. However, like any electric cart, there are at least two conditions which may cause it to steer with a bias. The first common cause is a lop-sided bag. The offset centre of gravity tries to tip a cart sideways slightly and gives the cart an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left. This can normally be prevented by balancing the bag so that its centre of gravity is in line with the main beam of the cart. This is why PowaKaddy offers a CartBag.  CartBag pockets are laid out symmetrically on either side of the centre of the cart with pockets for balls and drinks down the centre. All the pockets are accessed from above. This means that they can be loaded in a balanced way. The PowaKaddy CartBag also features a locking base which prevents the bag twisting and potentially getting into a lopsided condition. This also means that your clubs are always presented to you just the way you like them.


If the cart receives a bad knock, say by running at speed into a curb or a root, slight deformations in the chassis can lead to an annoying tendency to steer to the right or the left. This is why newer PowaKaddy carts feature on-course adjustment of the front wheel to correct this problem should it happen. If you have an older model check if the problem is down only to the cart, place it on flat even ground and freewheel the cart for 10 yards.  The cart should not veer either left or right by more than 1 yard over the 10 yards. Should the cart be veering more than 1 yard over 10 yards then you can adjust the front wheel alignment.  Refer to your Owner’s Manual for instructions on how to do this. If you loosen the front wheel nuts for any reason, make sure to tighten them up afterwards. Also check that the main wheels are running freely.  Dirt or mud on the wheels can affect the running of the cart.

My cart is noisy?

A new cart will have a slightly different pitch to a cart that has been used for a few rounds, the moving parts are all new and take time to work in. Most of us will try our cart for the first time indoors and of course this means the running cart sounds louder, take it out and try it with a bag on we’re sure you’ll be pleased. Never asses noise in a quiet room only on the golf course. If your cart is not new and is making excessive noise have a quick check underneath the cart.  Is anything loose or damaged?  If you cannot see or rectify the problem then contact a Powakaddy Service Agent. Carts with the EBS function have a slightly different pitch to normal carts.  This is because the gearbox is different and has many more moving parts.  The difference in pitch/noise will not usually be noticeable on the course.