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Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms

The guarantee is subject to the following exclusions:

i. Accidental damage, customer misuse or neglect.
ii. Abnormal wear and tear.
iii. Rental or other commercial use.
iv. Unauthorised modification to the Product.
v. Faulty repairs by consumer or unauthorised agent.
vi. Failure to follow battery charging instructions, including discharging a battery to lower than 8 volts.
vii. Removal of or defacing Serial Numbers from any item invalidates the warranty.

The following conditions apply:

  1. In respect of the 5-Year pro-rated  Warranty on Plug’n’Play (TM) Lithium Batteries, if your product should fail during the 2 years after the date of purchase, Caerus Brands, on behalf of PowaKaddy, will replace your battery at no charge.  If your battery fails in years 3-5, you will be offered a percentage discount off of a new battery. (year 3 = 50%, year 4 = 30%, year 5 = 15%).  If you can not provide proof of purchase, the warranty start date will be the date the product left our warehouse, as determined by the unique serial number on your cart.
  2. PowaKaddy’s standard warranty scheme covers manufacturing defects that occur through normal use. Any breakage caused by accidental damage or as a result of abuse and misuse or commercial use is not covered.

iii. PowaKaddy reserves the right to inspect or test any Product claimed to be defective

  1. The period of guarantee commences on the date of purchase of the Product. Proof of purchase and purchase date may be required.
  2. Any repairs or replacements made without charge do not carry a new warranty beyond that of the original purchase
  3. Warranty registration within 30 days of purchase of an Electric Golf Cart or Battery is recommended to ensure any claim can be processed promptly, without need for further proof of purchase.

vii. The guarantee is non-transferable

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